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We provide you tools and services to help you actively engage your employees:

Dedicated customer service across email, phone, and live chat. An ever-growing network of wellbeing partners based on your needs and employee referrals.

Customized communication strategies

Communication strategies to support your wellness efforts, increasing enrollment & employee adoption.

Custom Portal and GDPR compliant

A custom HR Portal that allows you to easily manage your company’s plan and directly measure employee engagement with Gympass, all in one place. Multiple security certifications and fully GDPR compliant.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gympass work for my company?

You pay an enterprise subscription fee to provide your employees with Gympass. Your employees will then be able to choose from several membership plans, at discounted prices compared to regular market prices, giving them access to our network of fitness partners, personal trainers and wellness apps.

How much does Gympass cost?

Costs vary depending on the size of your company. Once calculated, the cost of your enterprise subscription will be fixed and only adjusted once a year during renewal.

How does payment work?

We issue an invoice which is available in our HR portal, allowing you to make payment via a simple bank transfer.

What’s included in my enterprise subscription fee?

Your fee includes access to our membership plans for all of your eligible employees, as well as communication assets to increase enrollment, support from our customer experience team across email, phone, and chat, a commercial team to help grow our network based on your requests and your employees’ referrals, multiple security certifications, access to our HR portal to monitor enrollment and usage profile.

How long does the contract last? Does it renew automatically?

Your contract will last 12 months and will automatically renew. During renewal, we’ll calculate and apply the necessary inflation to your enterprise subscription fee.

Can I pay only for the employees that sign up to the benefit?

Your enterprise subscription fee covers the cost to maintain the platform as well as the additional services we provide (see the question “What’s included in the monthly fee paid by the company?“) and is therefore dependent on the overall size of the company. Your subscription cost will provide your employees access to Gympass and our goal is to work with you to maximize enrollment, engagement, and the overall impact on your business.

Do my employees have to pay to use Gympass?

Yes, we have several membership plans that your employees can choose from depending on their preferences. Once a plan has been chosen, they will pay a monthly membership fee. We work closely with our partners so that our membership plans remain competitively priced, which allows us to deliver massive value to our users while offering our partners a good deal, and ultimately maintaining long term sustainability.

Can I pay more so that my employees don’t have to pay anything?

Our membership plans are fixed which means they can’t be customized.

What are the payment methods available for my employees?

If your company has up to 100 employees, payment can be made by credit & debit card. If you have more than 100 employees, then you will be able to choose between credit & debit card or payroll deduction. Clients that offer payroll deduction typically have higher enrollment rates, so we strongly encourage you to offer this payment method whenever possible.

Can Gympass be used by my employees’ dependents?

Yes, this is negotiable. Gympass can be made available to both your employees’ spouses and their children.

How do I manage Gympass?

You can manage it 100% online through our HR Portal. Our portal allows you to add or remove eligible employees, access financial information and performance reports, as well as receive support via chat. We’ll also provide you with digital assets that you can use to launch and communicate about Gympass internally.

How will Gympass be launched after signing the contract?

Your launch will be digital. Once you’ve signed the contract, your employees will be added to our system, and within 72 hours they’ll have access to sign up and start using Gympass. Following on from this, we’ll work with you to determine the best way to launch at your company.